4 tips for a sustainable December month

The month of December has begun! That means doing Sinterklaas and Christmas shopping, socializing and good food. Did you know that with every gift you buy you can contribute to a better world? We collected ideas for sustainable gifts and packing tips.

Choose natural materials

During the holidays we shower each other with gifts. A wonderful tradition. Unfortunately, those gifts are not always equally durable. Fortunately, the saintly man and Santa Claus are on the green tour. Are you still looking for something beautiful to put in your pocket or under the Christmas tree? Then consider going for natural and sustainable materials such as wood, bamboo or recycled glass. In addition, give a little less, but really beautiful gifts that are made with love. Quality products that the lucky recipient will enjoy for years to come.

Not a chocolate letter, but a moss letter

Oh, come and see what I find in my shoe... a musletter! Wow, that is something different from the traditional letter of banquet or chocolate letter. The perfect gift for those who don't like sweets (or can't see a chocolate letter anymore). The Huldra is available in all letters of the alphabet. Or go big and give someone his name in Moss letters as a gift. Everything is possible with this modular concept. And unlike the short-lived happiness of a chocolate lettering, this maintenance-free moss artwork will remain vibrant and green for years to come.

Ecosystem with mood lighting

The days are shorter, the evenings longer and we fill our living rooms with candles and mood lighting. Lights are certainly not just for the Christmas tree, they can be everywhere. Yes, even in your own botanical world under glass. Take the Demeter with LED light: this unique ecosystem is an instant atmosphere maker. The lamp cap of high-quality oak wood is handmade by a local company from Haarlem. A sustainable gift with a good story. Great to surprise someone with or for your own wish list.

Pack your gift sustainably

Unwrapping the gifts is often one big party. That tension! What could be in that package? Yet all that wrapping paper is not really good for the environment. Certainly not if it is immediately torn to pieces and then ends up with the old paper. Have you ever thought of making your own wrapping paper from old newspapers that you stamp by hand? Or immerse yourself in Furoshiki, a Japanese wrapping technique with reusable fabrics. Beautiful ribbon around it, handwritten poem or card, and it immediately looks very festive. A december to rembember!

Who will you surprise this year with a green gift?

It's almost our favorite time of the year again! Make your holidays complete with our Christmas concepts.


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