Zoek je een duurzaam relatiegeschenk? Dit moet je weten!

To thank your employees, cooperation partners or other business relations, a promotional gift is always a good idea! When buying this type of gift, aspects such as locality, longevity and greenery are becoming increasingly important. With Growing Concepts you bring nature into your home or office with a mini ecosystem that is produced as sustainably as possible. Green, local and very original!

Go green with a sustainable gift

The world is changing and more and more people are realizing that we have to take care of nature and our earth. Fortunately, it is becoming easier to make sustainable choices. The future of promotional gifts is green, and that's exactly what we stand for at Growing Concepts. What you have to take into account if you are looking for a sustainable business gift is that the product is produced in a way that pays attention to people and the environment. That is why we work as much as possible with natural materials and the products are made with care and love for people and the environment. Our plants are only purchased from growers with an MPS certificate, an important sustainability label. Our promotional gifts are made locally and the materials come from as close as possible. This is how the most beautiful products are created that we are justifiably proud of!

Contribute to a better world

The goal of Growing Concepts is to make the world greener. Green makes you happy and environments full of plants and natural materials stimulate creativity. Plants in the house provide energy and increase your living happiness. At the same time, it is nice if the green is easy to maintain, especially if you give it as a promotional gift. From there we devised our mini ecosystems. These terrariums with plants are self-sufficient and the perfect gift for every plant lover, both professionally and privately. By giving our mini biotopes in clear glass you don't just give a gift to your relations. A sustainable gift shows that you have made a well-considered choice as a company. This contributes to the message that you want to convey as a company.

Sustainable promotional gifts from Growing Concepts

In our webshop you will find many more sustainable and green gifts in addition to the ecosystems; such as dried flowers, moss letters, moss walls and paintings. Or give a beautiful botanical book as a gift with a nice greeting card. Not entirely unimportant: our promotional gifts can be personalized with your own text or logo. We like to think along with you and can provide customization where possible. Let your promotional gift symbolize sustainable relationships in the professional field. With a sustainable gift from Growing Concepts you are in the right place!

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