These 5 plants have amazing properties

A palm tree showing the way. Or a plant that closes its leaves when the sun goes down. Yes, they really exist. Some plants are not only beautiful to look at, but also have very special properties. These 5 plants are unique in their kind.

 Touch me

A fascinating plant is the biophytum sensitivum. With its feather-shaped leaves and thin trunk, it looks like a mini palm tree. Although this species does not grow on sandy beaches, but in the jungles of Africa and Southeast Asia. But it also does fantastic as a houseplant in a plant terrarium, such as the Jar of Egg. In it, he imitates the tropical rainforest and maintains his own ecosystem. This plant is unique in that it closes its leaves when it rains, when it is touched and at night. A little miracle of nature! Just like herb-stir-me-not, a plant with the same funny property, which by the way just grows in the Netherlands.

 What is rustling there?

The Calathea is also a tropical atmosphere maker with unique properties. In the first place, this Amazonian is a real beauty because of the spectacular leaf drawings that seem to have been painted by hand. But that's not all. Like the biophytum sensitivum, this plant closes its leaves in the evening and opens them again in the morning when the sun comes up. And that makes a rustling sound! Hence the nickname 'living plant'. Calatheas owe their name to the Greek word 'kalathos'. This means basket or basket. Certain tribes of South America used the long leaves to weave baskets from them.

 Bonsai for beginners
It does resemble a bonsai tree: the ficus ginseng. You can recognize it by its irregularly shaped aerial roots - gingseng is Chinese for 'carrot'. With its thick, jagged trunk and shiny, oval leaves, it is indeed like a miniature tree in the house. This Asian beauty is also very easy to care for and therefore a popular houseplant. What is special is that the roots of this houseplant are grown in China and Malaysia, where they grow for about fifteen years. Dutch growers import the plant and grow it as a bonsai in a greenhouse. So the plant has already had a whole life before it steals the show in your terrarium!

 Australian magic bean
Another special plant species is the castanospermum. Or as we prefer to call it: the Australian chestnut. It grows from large beans – and yes, they do resemble chestnuts. These beans protrude above the earth. And that makes this exotic seedling just a little different than usual. The glossy, deep green leaves also contribute to the ornamental quality. Fun fact: in the wild – and we mean in the tropical rainforest – these trees reach a height of fifteen meters! But don't worry, in your own plant terrarium, this Australian attention grabber keeps a sweet little size.

 Palm for thirsty travelers
Finally, we would like to highlight the travelers tree, one of the most famous plants in Madagascar. Spectacularly, its stalked leaves – which resemble banana leaves – grow in a fan shape. How did he get his nickname Traveler Tree? Because travelers used to survive by drinking the accumulated rainwater from the leaf axils of the plant. At least, that's what the old folktales tell. Also, its leaves would always have the same north-south orientation, allowing you to use the palm as a compass. In the Dana collection you will find this unique plant as a wallpaper circle. An eye-catcher with a special story!


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