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A green oasis at home with a moss wall

Feb 04, 2022Anouk Postuma

We almost all know that plants in the house are good for us. Do you want to make your home greener, but also do it in an original way? Then consider a moss wall! With this durable wall decoration you bring a unique eye-catcher into your home and you bring nature closer. Would you like to know more about the care of the moss walls or how you can personalize a moss wall with, for example, a photo? Then read on quickly.


What is the moss wall made of?


The moss walls are made of preserved reindeer moss and the frames of Oak veneer. The reindeer moss gets its name from the small antler-shaped branches that are reminiscent of reindeer antlers. Because the moss is preserved, it does not require any care. Watering is therefore not necessary and the moss will remain vibrant and green for years.

Would you like to hang the moss wall in a room with little daylight? This is also possible! This way you can easily enjoy a maintenance-free moss artwork on the wall.


Rendiermos moswand

Acoustic effect


Did you know that the reindeer moss not only has a calming effect but also dampens sound? 80% of the sound that reaches the moss wall is absorbed. This makes the moss wall also very suitable if you want to improve the acoustics in a room. Ideal if you want to work from home or at the office in peace!


"A mood maker with a calming effect"

Your own design on the wall 


If you want to make the moss wall extra unique, you could also add other tiles in addition to the must tiles. Such as a mirror, a wall shelf or a tile with tree trunk relief. Because the tiles are made in a hexagon shape, they fit together perfectly and you can therefore create your own design. This way you have a unique moss wall in your home that fits perfectly and is made entirely to your own taste. You are the designer!


Moswand modulair personaliseer

Add a personal photo


Do you want to make the moss wall even more personal? Then add a photo . A unique way to bring back beautiful memories or loved ones in your interior. Very nice to hang yourself but also to give as a gift. For example for a birthday or for your loved one on Valentine's Day! You are sure to make a good impression with this.

Get excited? On our website you can easily upload your own photos and shop the tile with photo now with a 20% discount!



personaliseer mowand met foto

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