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Why green plants in the office?

Aug 24, 2021Kevin van Willigenburg

Why green plants in the office?

For many of us, the office is the place where we spend a lot of time. Often sitting behind a desk. Of course it is nice if the office is a fresh, inspiring environment where you can focus optimally. The best way to achieve this is with plants in the office! Plants not only look beautiful, but also have all kinds of advantages. We are happy to tell you why green plants in the office are so good!

Advantages of plants in the office

The first advantage of plants in the office is that they are real atmosphere creators. A green environment creates a calm and pleasant atmosphere for everyone who uses it. With plants you put your office in the spotlight. Employees and visitors will feel comfortable in a space with plants and greenery.

In addition, plants provide natural air purification. They convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into oxygen. At the same time, they filter harmful substances from the air. These substances are broken down in the roots. With plants, a room is less likely to smell musty or have dry air.

Scientifically proven

Of course we have known for a long time that, in addition to atmosphere and air purification, plants also provide better acoustics and less reverberation. This directly benefits your ability to concentrate. But did you know that plants also provide more creativity? Scientific research has proven that one plant can make all the difference in this. Plants provide peace and space in your head and that leads to new ideas.

In addition, research shows that plants help reduce stress. This is because the office then feels a bit more like home. If there is a plant on everyone's desk, there may even be less absenteeism due to illness.

The best plants for the office

Specially for the office, Growing Concepts has selected a number of fresh green office solutions. The best plants for the office require little care. After all, there is not always time to calmly care for and maintain the office plants. How do you solve this? With our ecosystems and other green solutions such as the Huldra letters.

The ecosystems of Growing Concepts are low-maintenance green biotopes for the office. These small terrariums are a miniature nature world, with a glass housing. The ecosystems are available in different sizes and shapes. The water condenses against the glass and returns through the moss to the roots of the plants. Ideal for on your desk or in a central place in the office. The huldra letters form a playful green oasis for on the wall. Form your company name with the letters and welcome visitors in soft reindeer moss!

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