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The story behind Growing Concepts

Bring life home! That is what Growing Concepts stands for. Bring life into your home, because in your house you can live. Surround yourself with all the beauty of nature such as plants and natural products. These products are not only beautiful and decorative, but also create peace and unity in your interior.
Kevin van Willigenburg
Kevin van Willigenburg
Nature makes its own design, and we get our inspiration from that

Our vision

Sustainability is very important to us. When selecting the materials, this is something we pay a lot of attention to and we therefore opt for natural and sustainable materials in our products as much as possible. For example, we often use recycled glass and sustainable wood from France. We also find it important to produce as close to home as possible. This means that our products do not have to travel all over the world, which is better for our CO2 footprint and also better for the environment. This is why we choose to get all the glassware we use from Europe. For the plants we work together with the best growers from the Netherlands and Denmark with MPS certification. This is a quality mark in the field of sustainability.

Meet the team

The founder of Growing Concepts is Kevin van Willigenburg. He started the company in 2014 with the aim of introducing more sustainable and maintenance-friendly plants into the interior. After working for a number of years at the auction in Aalsmeer, he found out that there was a demand for more innovation in the field of plants and he started selling terrariums. This turned out to be a great success and was the starting point for the growth of Growing Concepts! At the moment Growing Concepts still consists of a small but close team. After years of managing the shipping of the products ourselves, we now work with a great party that sends all packages to our consumers. The company is run by a team of four people from our head office in Haarlem. Over the years, the collection has expanded in addition to the terrariums to a complete collection of natural interior products. Whereby the slogan; "Bring Life Home" should apply to all products.
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