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Bring a tropical atmosphere into your home with this extra large terrarium. The environmentally friendly cork is made from the bark of the cork oak from Portugal and Spain, which can live up to 200 years. About a dozen corks can be harvested during its lifetime. Each cork is unique!

Botanical mix
The EcoCork XXXL contains a botanical mix of four plants that we have carefully selected for color and diversity. Every month we create a beautiful composition of plants that are available at that moment.

DIY - Your mini ecosystem comes as a Do It Yourself package. The package contains everything you need to create an ecosystem like the one in the picture.
But rest assured everyone can do it, even if you don't have a green thumb. We provide an extensive manual with explanation and useful tips and within 4 steps you can enjoy your self-made ecosystem.

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André Z.
Netherlands Netherlands
Yes, I recommend this product

Hello I designed the kit together with my wife and daughter-in-law, the result is impressive. It is now on the desk of my son, co-owner of TNM, a circular company in construction and furniture. Regards André

Netherlands Netherlands
Yes, I recommend this product

EcoCork XXXL

Top quality plants, preparation and explanations to set up your EcoCork right away. It looks great in my practice. Super happy with it! Also with the good customer service, by the way.It also gets 5 stars from me :-)

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