This is what you've always wanted to know about an ecosystem!

Although ecosystems are very popular and many households have one on display, there are still many questions about the ecosystem. Because how does an ecosystem work? Can I easily put together an ecosystem myself? and can I prune my plants if they get too big? We have collected all frequently asked questions and give you the answer. After reading this blog you will know all the ins and outs of these green mini worlds!

Can I also put together an ecosystem if I don't have green fingers?

This is by far the most frequently asked question. And the answer is yes! Creating an ecosystem is super easy when you have all the supplies at home. Anyone can put together an ecosystem. Even if you don't have green fingers. When you buy an ecosystem from Growing Concepts, all the necessary items are already included. Think of glassware, plants, moss and soil. You will also receive an extensive magazine. In addition to the manual, you can also find other nice articles about the Growing Concepts collection.

How does an ecosystem work?

How an ecosystem, or also called a terrarium, exactly works is quite a chemical process. We explain it here in an easy way! Photosynthesis is a process in which plants can produce oxygen themselves. The water in the soil is absorbed by the roots. After photosynthesis, the leaves of the plants will release water in the form of water vapor. The water vapor condenses against the glass wall of the pot and then drips to the ground where the water can be reabsorbed by the roots. This process continues to repeat itself constantly, just like in nature.


Does my ecosystem need care?

Because an ecosystem develops its own micro-climate, it hardly requires any maintenance and you do not have to water it, for example. Do you still feel that the plants could use some extra moisture? Then you could give them 5 to 10 cl of water once every six months. We also recommend turning the ecosystem a quarter turn every two weeks, so that all plants receive even and sufficient light.

“anyone can put together an ecosystem, even without green fingers!”

Where can I best place the ecosystem?

The ecosystem is intended for indoor use. The right light is very important here. This way, your ecosystem gets too hot when it is in full sun. Therefore, place it in a room with sufficient daylight, but never in direct sunlight or near other heat sources, such as a heater or bright spotlights. Extra tip: North-facing windows often provide just a little too little light.


Can I prune the plants when they get too big?

It can happen that your plants are doing so well that they grow too big for the glassware. In this case you can prune the plant to its original size. Trim the branches just above a leaf start. Then leave the terrarium open for 24 hours so that the plant(s) can heal properly. We sell handy cutting scissors for pruning the plants.

Are your plants really ready to fade? Then you can always buy a refill package . Here you will find everything you need to give your ecosystem a complete overhaul.

My ecosystem is condensing excessively, is this normal?

A healthy ecosystem condenses to varying degrees over 24 hours. Is the entire pot misted and dripped? Then this is a sign that it is too hot and the system cannot lose this heat. In that case, open the jar for twelve hours. Does the problem persist? Then move the pot to another place in the house, for example the north side where it is less light and warm.

I want to give your ecosystem as a gift. How long can I leave the plants in the closed box?

It's always nice to surprise someone with a Growing Concepts ecosystem. Will it take a while before you hand over your ecosystem to someone? We then recommend that you remove the plant(s) from the box and packaging, water them and keep them in a bright place in the house until you are ready to hand over the gift. You can also choose to assemble the DIY package yourself and give it to the recipient as a gift, completely installed.

Did you get an itch after reading all these answers and do you also want to quickly get started on creating an ecosystem? Of course we completely understand that! It is a fun activity to put it together. And once he stands? Then you can enjoy it for years without having to worry about it. The nice thing is that the plants keep growing and your mini world keeps changing. This way you never get bored of it!

Shop your ecosystem quickly here ! Will the Growing Concepts ecosystem be on display in your home? Then share a photo on social media and tag us; @growingconcepts. We are very happy to see this again!


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