These different-than-different Christmas decorations make your Christmas tree unique

Christmas is the time to go wild with a Christmas tree, lights, balls, stars and more. Do you want something different than the traditional Christmas decorations? Fortunately, there are plenty of beautiful and sustainable alternatives that really make your tree something special.


Findings from nature

Why buy new Christmas decorations when you can make them yourself? The materials are just there for the taking. In December the most beautiful holly leaves grow, you will find moss in abundance and the forest is dotted with large pine cones. At home you can go wild with all those treasures from nature. Make a nice Christmas piece for the table, put the holly branches in a vase and give the pine cones a lick of white paint. It looks like they are covered with a layer of snow. Tie it and the pinecones are ready for the tree!


Angels of empty cans

Egg cartons left? Don't get rid of it! With a little paint, glitter, rope and glue you can make the most beautiful Christmas bells. If you really want to tackle it professionally, glue a small bubble in it. A fun craft project with the kids for when it's cold and bleak outside. You can do all kinds of things with empty cans, too. How about cute little angels with wire wings? So from now on, think twice before throwing those empty Coke cans in the trash. On Pinterest you will find many more great ideas for making your own Christmas decorations from waste materials.


Christmas bauble with air plant

No time or inclination to make your own Christmas decorations, but do you want something spectacular and handmade? Fortunately, there are plenty of beautiful and durable items to be found. Take the Greencatcher wooden ball and the Dasher. Minimalist, traditionally made Christmas balls made of wood or glass with an air plant in them. A 'floating' plant? Yes, the tillandsia gets its nutrients from the air via small fluffy hairs on the leaves and therefore does not need soil. These unique Christmas balls also deserve a nice place in the house after Christmas!


Homemade Christmas wreaths

Also a minimalist solution: bake your own Christmas decorations. Think of glazed Christmas trees or houses. The ultimate Christmas cookie is of course the wreath, with lots of slivered almonds. You can find all kinds of recipes on the internet. Baking alone is a party, because the house will smell so delicious and you immediately get into the Christmas spirit. And it also looks very nostalgic in the tree. Warning: it is difficult to resist the temptation to snack on such a fresh wreath from the tree every now and then...


Your own mini Christmas tree

Are you not going to bring a Christmas tree into your house this year, but do you still want to make it cozy? Then a closed terrarium with a mini Christmas tree is a solution. That takes up less space and is just as magical. No falling needles and still your own mini-sized Christmas tree, how cool is that? And if you want to exchange it for another plant after the holidays, that's no problem. Anyone who buys an ecosystem from the Christmas edition line will receive a voucher to purchase a refill pack with a plant of your choice for half the price.


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