A look in the kitchen; how is your Growing Concepts made

Today we take a look at our kitchen. Because hey admit it, it's always nice to see how other people are doing. In addition, we want to be honest and transparent about how our products are developed and produced.
What materials do we use? Where do we produce? And what kind of people are working on Growing Concepts? You'll find out all about it in this blog!

The terrariums

As many of you probably know, we started our Growing Concepts adventure with the sale of terrariums. And this is still our best-selling product. So let's start with this!
We believe it is important to produce as close to home as possible. This means that our products do not have to travel all over the world, which is better for our CO2 footprint and also better for the environment. This is why we choose to get all the glassware we use from Europe. For the plants, we work together with the best growers from the Netherlands and Denmark with MPS certification. This is a quality mark in the field of sustainability.

But then of course we are not there yet, because how do all the separate parts of your DIY terrarium come together? For this we work together with various local parties.
One party is a sheltered workshop. People who are at a distance from the labor market work here who lovingly pack together the right amount of soil, moss and stones that are needed for the terrarium. By collaborating with this organization we not only contribute to nature but also to society!

The wall decoration

If you ever take a look at If you have visited our website, you know that in addition to the terrariums, we also sell more and more wall decorations. From complete modular moss walls, to wooden wall panels. You can transform a boring wall in the house into a real eye-catcher in one go. And thanks to the modular moss wall, you can make your botanical wall statement as big as you want!

For all the woodwork, we work together with a neighboring company from Haarlem. They are specialists in laser cutting and know exactly where to get the most beautiful wood from. The woodwork we use is MDF combined with ecologically responsible oak or walnut.

And the moss we use for our moss walls? This will be pasted on all panels by the same sheltered workshop as we briefly mentioned above. As you can understand, they play a major role within our company!

And how does it get to your home?

We recently started working with a great partner who sent all packages for us. This creates many more possibilities. This way you can choose your own (green) carrier and your Growing Concepts can now be with you even faster! A new carrier we work with is Budbee. Like us, Budbee has a sustainable mindset and tries to do its part for a cleaner planet. Think of investing in cargo bikes, electric vehicles or building fossil-free filling stations and green distribution centers. This makes us happy and we hope you do too!

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