A green Christmas with these special Christmas gifts from Growing Concepts


A plant is much more than a simple sum of its leaves, stems and roots. It reminds us of the impetuous beauty of nature, which we crave especially during the cold winter days from our warm homes and offices. Their simplicity, steady growth and relatively low maintenance, especially when compared to pets, make them particularly loved by everyone. In addition, they have a calming effect and are very good for your health. And without plants, the ecosystem of our beautiful globe would of course not be able to function. Not sure what to give to your loved ones or family for Christmas this year? Then this unique gift can say so much more than words ever can. After all, a plant is good for the environment, health and also a beautiful piece of decor for any room.

Giving a plant as a gift: a caring and thoughtful gesture 

As the days get shorter and we can enjoy the sunlight less, unfortunately some of us suffer from a form of seasonal depression or the well-known winter slump. In this situation, landscaping in the home or office can help reduce stress, improve mood and increase oxygen levels in a room. Of course, gifting beautiful green plants will not completely cure a winter slump, but it is a sign of recognition, care and shows that you value someone's health and well-being. It's actually one of the few, but very thoughtful things we can do to demonstrate this.

Try to say it with a nice green plant

It can be a difficult task to find the perfect Christmas present. After all, a gift must have meaning and be able to express the emotions you want to convey. Did you know that the well-known slogan 'say it with flowers' also applies to the green plant? The language of the plant can help articulate what you don't really dare to say or enhance the intensity of the message.

A bamboo plant, for example, symbolizes wealth, longevity, prosperity and happiness. And the different layers have a different meaning. For example, two layers stand for love, three layers for a long and happy life and five layers

for wealth. Seven layers stand for health, eight layers for growth, nine for happiness and ten layers for perfection. Depending on which message you want to convey to the recipient, you can gift this plant when someone starts a new chapter in his/her life.

A Christmas tree in a terrarium

Even well before Christmas, many of us are bringing the traditional Christmas tree into our homes to decorate it cheerfully with shiny balls and to put the Christmas gifts underneath. Do you want to accentuate this ultimate Christmas feeling? Then you can bring or donate a biodome with a 'Christmas plant' in it. This biodome has as centerpiece an Araucaria plant that descends from the coniferous tree and therefore resembles a perfect mini Christmas tree in a glass ball. In the shop you will also find various terrariums with botanical plants, including the ficus ginseng, better known as a bonsai tree.

Flowers are only temporary, a plant is forever 

Although a bouquet of flowers is a popular gift for the older generation, unlike plants, they are outdated icons of impulsive and indulgent indulgences or sometimes even a desperate attempt to make amends. Fresh flowers are naturally not durable and leave a mess of wilted stems and petals.And it is therefore not surprising that millennials prefer houseplants for their perennial green power. A plant is not only resilient, but also reproductive. If you place a cut flower in a vase with water, it will eventually spoil. If you do the same with a plant, it will grow new roots within a few days and you can transplant it into fresh soil where it can continue to thrive.

It is therefore also one of the most sustainable gifts you can give. In contrast to the highly personalized taste of flowers and their symbolic meaning (red for love, yellow for friendship, and so on), the classic appeal of smooth and shiny green leaves is both timeless and unerring.

A timeless gift for any occasion

A well cared for plant is a lasting gift. It is a souvenir that can be admired for years and even passed on to the next generation. It is also important to maintain the art of plant care, as studies show it has been shown to be a very relaxing routine for many. It is a tangible way to measure literal and figurative development and to learn patience in the midst of the constant tossing and turning of the urban bustle.

Working together on a special gift

Assembling a biodome or plants terrarium creates a special bond. After all, you are jointly responsible for the successful thriving of

As a group gift at the office, this is an extremely suitable application. Teams that put together a group gift share the responsibility for a project. This will ultimately also create a sense of camaraderie, without being perceived as too personal. This unique gift is also very special and beneficial for business purposes or as a promotional gift.

At Growing Concepts our aim is that you can not only enjoy plants as a living piece of decor, but also revitalize your lifestyle and work atmosphere with them.

these beautiful botanical plants. For this small ecosystem, you can design a plan in pairs or in a group to assemble the perfect green mini world. With a biodome kit from Growing Concepts you have your own shared small garden, which has a relaxing and soothing effect. Because of the routine that goes with this, the de-stressing effect is immediately noticeable.

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