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Growing Concepts is a botanical lifestyle brand with a surprising collection of interior products. From terrariums with plants to amazing wall decorations. Curious who are the driving forces behind the company and what the brand stands for? In this blog you can read everything about the mission and working method of Growing Concepts.

Brand with a mission
The founder of Growing Concepts is Kevin van Willigenburg. An ambitious young entrepreneur with a green heart, who made the transition from fashion to interior design years ago. His love for nature – from trees and plants to natural materials – underlies the brand. Nature stimulates creativity and gives us energy. Based on the idea that the interior world was ready for renewal and could be a lot more sustainable, he started Growing Concepts in 2018. A brand with a mission: to make our environment greener, both literally and figuratively. Because a green habitat makes you happy, it's that simple.

Outside is inside
With their natural appearance, Growing Concepts products are an asset to any interior. How beautiful is it to bring a piece of nature inside? To surround yourself with plants, natural materials and sustainable interior accessories? We all know that a walk through the woods works wonders to reduce stress and recharge your batteries. For example, Growing Concepts believes that a green living and working environment has a similar effect. Outside is inside is the motto. With botanical lifestyle products that are easy to maintain and that will make you happy every time you look at them.

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Innovative character
Haarlem is the cradle of the company. Here, a small and dedicated team works day in and day out to create Growing Concepts products, which are assembled by hand. Everything is done in-house, from designing to packaging the products, with the greatest care and an eye for detail. The love for plants, natural materials and sustainability is what drives the Growing Concepts team. Creativity comes first: the design team is constantly working on product development and innovation. This means that the product range is constantly enriched with new articles.

Botanical touch
Growing Concepts has become known for terrariums in all shapes and sizes where tropical plants grow, completely self-sufficient. This family of ecosystems continues to expand, with the latest addition being the Ceres: the first terrarium that doubles as a side table. Over the years, the product range has expanded, with the aim of creating a full-fledged lifestyle collection. Growing Concepts offers a unique range of lifestyle products with a botanical touch. From eye-catchers for the wall – such as the Dana wallpaper circles or the Huldra and Vesta wall decorations – to the Freya dried flower concepts.

Local and sustainable
Characteristic for Growing Concepts is the traditional production, close to home and as sustainable as possible. Yes, the brand also opts for green when it comes to business processes. This is reflected in the choice of materials, ranging from recycled glass to ecologically responsible wood, or in the recycled cardboard for the packaging. All products are produced in Europe and in some cases even around the corner from the head office, for example at a local wood workshop in Haarlem. In this way, the company stimulates local production and an authentic product is guaranteed.

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