Treat yourself to an inspiring workplace that gives you energy

Working every day in a boring environment doesn't make anyone happy. Fortunately, there are many options to personalize your (home) office. And see: an inspiring space makes you more creative and it improves productivity and performance. We give you tips to easily create a pleasant and green workplace yourself.

Goodbye stress, hello green
If we have learned anything lately, it is that the place where we work has a major impact on how we feel. But what requirements should a great workplace meet? First of all: provide plenty of daylight and fresh air, which is good for productivity. And make your office green! With plants you bring the atmosphere from outside inside.Plants purify the air and reduce stress, research shows. Are you looking for something more original than the standard succulent or cactus for your desk? Then go for a terrarium with tropical plants. They come in all shapes and sizes: from the Biodome, a dome-shaped terrarium, to the stately Faunus. Real statement pieces. An additional advantage is that you do not have to water the plants, they keep themselves alive. This way you can focus on that approaching deadline. 

Faunus, Ecosysteem, Terrarium

Botanic work of art
Speaking of views, it is not surprising that we often sit against a boring wall all day on workdays to watch? Not exactly inspiring! Put your desk in front of the window. Some people believe that this is too distracting, we see it differently: a beautiful view does not distract, but rather inspires. Just like art on the wall. How nice is it when you look around you while working and are surrounded by beautiful paintings or wall decorations? Images with a soothing or fresh appearance in particular create a pleasant atmosphere. Take the Vesta collection: these oak wall panels have burned-in botanical drawings. This allows you to transform that one boring wall into something special in no time. Hang this special work of art near your desk, so you always have something beautiful to look at.


Vesta, wandschilderij, laser, eikenhout


Magical moss wall
For those who dare to go a step further: have you ever thought about a moss wall for your home office or office? The Huldra is a modular collection with different wall panels, with which you can put together your own wall, as large as you want. For example, combine the moss letters and go for an inspiring slogan – or your company name! - on the wall.Thanks to the organic texture and beautiful green color of the reindeer moss, your workplace immediately feels a lot warmer and cozier. Did you know that moss also dampens sound? This is because the branched structures of the moss absorb sound. Just what you need on a productive day. One wall is sufficient to achieve this effect. The Huldra is therefore not only a real atmosphere maker, but also a solution if you want to work from home in peace.

Huldra, mosswall, moswand, eiken


Just dream away
Another fantastic way to give your workplace an attractive upgrade in one fell swoop is with cool wallpaper. From tropical palms to a misty forest full of trees shrouded in mist. the wallpaper circles or squares from the Dana collection provide a wow effect every time you enter your (home) office. Wallpapering experience is not necessary, nor is glue, you can easily attach these self-adhesive wall stickers to the wall yourself. This great wallpaper will bring you into a tropical atmosphere in no time. Fun fact: the vintage botanical prints are inspired by illustrations by nineteenth-century botanists and explorers. They almost seem specially designed to dream away during yet another boring Zoom meeting. One thing is certain: the days of boring white office walls are definitely behind us!

Dana, Muursticker, wanddecoratie

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