Spring fever at Growing Concepts

Now that spring has sprung again, we are starting to get the itch to tidy up our house. A nice, clean and fresh start to spring! Make your house ready for spring again with Growing Concepts. Curious how? Then read on.

Big cleaning

When we think of spring, we think of the sun showing itself more and more, the days getting longer and the trees and flowers blooming again. We love spring! It is also the time to thoroughly clean your house again. Take a critical look at all the things you have collected that you no longer need. And an extra advantage; a tidy house also makes you a lot happier!

Easter is approaching

Spring also means that Easter is just around the corner. As far as we are concerned, the ultimate spring feeling. We like to celebrate Easter traditionally with an egg hunt in the garden and a nice brunch with friends or family.

Decorating the house is of course also part of this. For example, put Easter branches in a beautiful vase or make a real Easter table. Do you think it's a shame to purchase products that you have to take away after Easter? Then choose an Egg terrarium. With this ecosystem, in the shape of an egg, you create an instant Easter atmosphere. Are Easter days over? Then you can simply leave this ecosystem behind because the Egg is a nice addition to your interior, even after Easter. The Egg is available in two different sizes and four different plants. Choose your favorite!

Egg ecosysteem

"Green plants in your interior also help with a spring feeling."

A refresher for the ecosystem

Green plants in your interior also help create a spring feeling. Are the plants in your ecosystem ready for a refresh? Which can. Although the plants in an ecosystem keep themselves alive, it can happen that they have grown too big or that they no longer look completely fresh. You can easily buy a refill pack on our website. This way your ecosystem will look fresh again for spring!

Open the windows

Now that the temperature is gradually rising again, we can open the windows again and enjoy the fresh spring air blowing through your house. It easily removes unpleasant odors and gives a real spring feeling!

Light accessories

Refresh your interior with light or pastel-colored accessories such as cushions or vases. When you think of candles, you often initially think of winter, but this is not necessary! Candles can also brighten up your interior in spring. For example, choose our Soy wax candle with wild flowers. The real flowers used in the candle create a cozy and cheerful atmosphere. The candle is also an ideal atmosphere for a fresh spring evening in your garden or on the terrace.

Is your house completely ready for spring? Then sit back and enjoy the early spring sun. Let your thoughts wander or relax with a good book. Would you like to know more about plants or a botanical lifestyle? Then take a look at our website. Here you will find several nice books.

Let spring come. We are ready!

Soja waskaars met wilde bloemen

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