Birthday this summer? These are the top 10 original gifts!

Birthday this summer? These are the top 10 original gifts!

Socks? Bottle of wine? Box of chocolate? Go for a nice gift this summer! Sustainable, green and completely original. Made in Haarlem so also deliciously local! In this top 10 you will find 10 original gifts for every birthday, but certainly for the summer.

#1. Plants in closed glass jar

Every plant lover will be happy with a beautiful terrarium. A ecosystem in miniature with self-sustaining plants. From biodomes, corks, and eggs to giants and jars: our range includes mini ecosystems in all shapes and sizes.

#2. Oak hexagon with reindeer moss 

The Huldra is a durable wall decoration in the shape of a hexagon. A special asset and real eye-catcher for your home. The moss is preserved and therefore requires no care. A maintenance-free moss artwork for the wall.

#3. Books for the beach 

Do you know someone who enjoys reading about interior design and decoration? Then our nature and lifestyle books are just the right gift! From children's books to growing cuttings, you will find the perfect book for the summer in our webshop.

#4. Mini ecosystem with light

Our mini ecosystems with light are extra fun in the summer. These ecolights XL contain an LED lamp at the top, making them ideal for mood lighting. You can put together this ecosystem completely according to your wishes using the DIY package with instructions. Original gift? Check!

#5. Beach shopper

Shoppers, also called tote bags, are the ideal companion for all summer outings. This bag is both stylish and good for the environment. Made of 100% cotton, making the bag sturdy and durable.

#6. Aroma diffuser 

Our Bo Oil aroma diffusers are made from ecological materials such as bamboo fiber and oak wood. These diffusers are 100% biodegradable and can be easily regulated. The perfect gift that the recipient can enjoy all summer long.

#7. Essential oils

The ideal oil for our aroma diffusers are our essential oils. Each bottle contains 10 ml of oil and has a wonderful scent. The available scents are Cedre de L'Atlas, Citrum, Cyprès de Provence, Eucalyptus, Orange and Pine.

#8. Wall stickers

Our large wall stickers with a diameter of at least 100 centimeters are real atmosphere makers in any room. The sticker is self-adhesive so you don't need any glue. For example, choose a sticker of a tropical rainforest after a shower or a beautiful Italian landscape.

#9. Gift set The Grower

Make the real plant lover very happy with The Grower gift set. The contents include a medium ecosystem, a glass plant sprayer and a handy pair of cutting scissors. Everything you need to maintain the terrarium.

#10. Special greeting cards

No gift is complete without a nice greeting card. Our unique cards contain special drawings that are supplemented with pencil shavings. The ideal way to provide your gift with a personal message.

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