Christmas tree out? These beautiful green interior items fill the void

Keep the Christmas spirit

The new year has started and the holidays are over, unfortunately. We hope you had a great time despite all the restrictions! And to keep that coziness a little longer, we are happy to help you on your way to maintain that warm atmosphere in your home even after the holidays. Because the dark days are not over yet. In the evenings, the Christmas tree with its cozy lights created a cozy atmosphere in the living room during the month of December. A big loss once that Christmas tree is out the door again.


Green + light = fun

Don't worry, because luckily there are plenty of other ways to provide atmospheric light in the living room. A very nice replacement for the Christmas tree, for example, is the Ecolight XL. This ecosystem with an LED light at the top creates a warm mood light and is a true design object. Moreover, this closed terrarium is nice and big - it is not for nothing that it falls under The Giants! – filling the empty space of the Christmas tree perfectly. The botanical plants with their green leaves provide a real jungle vibe.


Do you also find your house so bare, now that the Christmas tree is gone? We collected a number of beautiful interior items that fill the void very nicely and give tips to recycle your old Christmas tree in an original way.

Art of reindeer moss

Pine cones, branches of holly with red berries, decorative apples... the most beautiful Christmas decorations come from nature. Even after Christmas, natural materials provide a warm atmosphere at home. How about a moss artwork on the wall, for example? With the Huldra Eiken Hexagon with real reindeer moss, you can keep the Christmas feeling a little longer. The oak frame is made by hand and the moss does not require any care. Ideal! With this modular system you can give that one boring wall in the house a green metamorphosis in an instant.


Recycle your old Christmas tree

And what to do with your old Christmas tree? All those discarded trees on the street are a sad sight every year. Sustainable alternative: buy a Christmas tree with a root ball and replant it in the garden. So you can use your tree year after year. Little space? Then recycling is a better option. Turn the branches into a compost heap or use them to protect your plants from winter frost. You can saw beautiful coasters from the trunk. And the pine needles? You can make scented sachets out of it or make winter pine tea. Super healthy, and incredibly tasty!

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